Whether a birthday, engagement party, corporate party, anniversary, or other celebration Rhein Haus makes a great spot for bier, brats & bocce!

Why should you book your event at Rhein Haus?
We have a dedicated event manager to handle all your questions named Rylee, and she is awesome.
No Room Rental Fee!
Very reasonable Food & Beverage minimums apply for Friday & Saturdays.
No Food & Beverage Minimums for events Sunday through Thursday.
We can accommodate groups of all sizes from 12 to 500 (if you want to shut down the entire restaurant).
We are separate check friendly! Don’t want to pay for your friends’ beers? No problem!
We make booking events EASY and it’s all online! Of course, you are welcome to give us a call (253-572-4700) to discuss details but you can also get it all done through our very efficient online event request form. GET STARTED HERE.


Rhein Haus Tacoma will be broadcasting all Seahawks games with sound on! Find out more info.


2 hour minimum for all event bookings. 

Park Place: Accommodates up to 12 people, mainly standing room, with the option to have a table & chairs in the space. Bocce court rental is required with space, and is not included in the Friday & Saturday food and beverage minimums. Best for small, casual mix-and-mingle gatherings and not more formal sit-down dinner events.

Park Place

Division Den: Our most popular event space along Division Ave. accommodates up to 30 people in a seated/standing mix. Bocce Court rental not required with this space, but highly recommended!

Division Den

Stadium Station: Our dining room area that overlooks the Stadium District can accommodate up to 120 people comfortably with a mix of seated and standing room. (Capacity and privacy are dependent on booking two bocce courts for the duration of the event, as the courts are connected to the space. Bocce rental not included in Friday & Saturday food and beverage minimums). Space rental also includes one shuffleboard table.

Stadium Station

HALF Stadium Station (North or South side options available): Accommodates up to 50 people comfortably with a mix of seated and standing room. (Capacity and privacy are dependent on booking at least one bocce court for the duration of the event as the courts are connected to the space. Bocce rental not included in Friday & Saturday food and beverage minimums).

Stadium Station North
Stadium Station South
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Unlimited Bocce games can be can be added onto your party reservation for $50/hour per court. Bocce Court rentals are not included in Friday and Saturday food & beverage minimums. An average game with 4 people takes about a half an hour to play. The maximum number of people allowed on the courts at one time is 8 (two teams of 4). Rhein Haus also has corn toss sets available to use on the bocce courts at the same price as bocce rental.


What are Food & Beverage Minimums and what do they include?
At Rhein Haus Tacoma we do not charge a room rental fee, but instead require that private parties on Fridays and Saturdays spend a certain amount on food and drinks in order to reserve an event space for your group. We do not require Food & Beverage Minimums for private events booked Sunday through Thursday. Food and Beverage (F&B) Minimums vary depending on how long you want the space for, and the size of the event space you need for your group. We do our best to keep these minimums reasonable for what your group would likely spend in the space anyway! F&B minimums apply only to food and beveragesF&B minimums do not include bocce court rental, gratuity, admin fee, or sales tax. 

Can you open early for an event?
Yes! If you don’t mind the small fee to cover bringing in staff early, we are more than happy to accommodate whenever possible.

What are your Event Space rates?
We do not charge for our event spaces and only require a food & beverage minimum for Fridays and Saturdays. Each space must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours. Pricing varies depending on the day of the week and size of your group. Please fill out Private Event Request to receive pricing information. Other fees for private events include bocce court rentals, service charge, and sales tax.

Do you allow minors?
Yes! Minors are welcome in our front dining room, patio, and on our bocce courts, space allowing. Weekend brunch and early evenings are particularly family friendly, especially on the bocce courts, but please keep an eye on your kiddos and don’t leave them unattended!!

Do we allow outside food & beverage?
Yes, with some limitations on the food. For a small corkage fee or outside food charge, you are welcome to bring in outside wine or desserts for your event or celebration.

How do I book a space?
Fill out our online request form HERE. Enter the date, size of your group, and other important details and we will get back to you ASAP with our availability!


When renting a Private Event Space, your group will have the exclusive use of that area of the restaurant, but we have an open layout and no closed off event rooms. If you require total silence during your event we may not be the space for you, unless you want to come in before we are open or do a full restaurant buy-out.
Rhein Haus requires a credit card number to be held on file in order to confirm the reservation.
We are happy to run separate tabs on credit cards for your party. All tabs will count towards the F&B minimums.
Food and beverage minimums do not include tax, gratuity, or bocce court rental.
In the event that the Friday & Saturday food and beverage minimums are not met, the remaining balance will be charged as a room rental charge.

All events are subject to a 3% administration fee and a 20% service charge. 90% of the service charge will go directly to the service and support staff that work your event.

Cancellation Policy: Canceling your event within 72 hours of the event will result in a charge of the admin fee and 50% of the total of any pre-ordered food and/or 50% of the minimum space rental fee. Day of “no- shows” will be charged an additional service charge equal to the “suggested gratuity” listed on the event contract. This will be applied to the credit card used to hold the reservation unless other arrangements are made.