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RESERVATIONS: please visit our reservations page by clicking here.

EMPLOYMENT/RESUMES: (please, no reservation requests)

MEDIA: B Public Relations- (please, no reservation requests)

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Why Bocce? Isn’t that Italian?

Why yes it is! Bocce is the Italian version of a game called boules, a collective term for a group of games in which bigger balls are thrown as close as possible to a smaller target ball. Boules is played all over Germany and Austria (as well as the rest of Europe.) Due to the familiarity of Americans with bocce, however, we decided to refer to our courts as bocce courts so that we did not have to explain what boules was on a daily basis!

Do you allow minors?
Yes! Minors are welcome until 10pm each night.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes! For the first time ever, our entire establishment is on one floor! Even bocce courts are accessible with a wheelchair.

Do you have a Happy Hour?
Yes! Our Happy Hour runs from 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday. Please visit our “Menus” page located here.


Can you open early for an event?
Yes! If you don’t mind the small fee to cover bringing in staff early, we are more than happy to accommodate whenever possible.

What are your Event Space rates?
We do not charge for our event spaces but instead require a food and beverage minimum for reservation.
Please visit our reservations page to submit a request for more info.

How can I stay informed about all things Rhein Haus?
If you would like to be aware of announcements, special events, bier releases and more, please follow us on our Facebook page.